Wednesday, August 28, 2013

September Studio Calico kits - Double Scoop

I should've known...

After my spending spree last month on Studio Calico's monthly kits and add-on, I promised myself that I would spend less when it came time to September's goodies. I can officially report that I have completely failed and for this I blame everyone and perhaps Studio Calico a bit as well (who can resist anything gold, letter-pressed and glittered?!). Oh, and did I mention I just spotted those Neon Mister Huey's back in stock!!!

How about a little peek at what will be making it's way to my humble abode soon?

FYI: I bet that gynormous roller stamp could come quite in handy if you ever need to defend yourself...ya know in case you get robbed or something (that thing is bigger than my head!!! Ok, well maybe not, but you know what I mean...)

UPDATE: I totally got those Mister Huey's (now I blame my partner)


  1. You are too much fun Chantal. And, thanks for the warning. If I see you coming with that stamp I know to run in the other direction ;)

  2. LOVE IT!! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE that roller stamp to a million pieces!