Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fifty Shades | The Begining

I have a confession...

I hated the books and figured anything would be an improvement. I didn't go in expecting too much so I really enjoyed it. In my opinion, Dakota Johnson is perfect for her roll however I was a little disappointed in Jaime Dornan's take on Christian. His rendition was too controlled and bland but it improved towards the end and he put a little bit more emotion into it. I LOVE him in the BBC series The Fall and thought another moody/brooding character would be a perfect fit but he had troubles with this one. I saw families (father, mother and teenage daughter) there together and I thought that was inappropriate. Although the sex isn't as explicit as the book (I've read MUCH worse then that though) I still found it a tad bit much for the younger crowd. I think it's best seen alone or with some girl friends. I would've never watched it with my mom even though she was pretty open minded and easy going . I will buy the movie without a doubt when it comes out on DVD but I wouldn't pay to see it at the theatre again. They really should've axed the "Latters Baby" too...it sounded almost worse said aloud than read in the book(s).

Regardless, it was funny, witty, quite entertaining and the soundtrack is amazing.

Did you see it and if so, what did you think?

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  1. I liked it! I thought it was sexy without being raunchy. Definitely not a family movie though!! I hated the "laters baby!" I also loved how CG ordered his gin and tonics.